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Error Code List Canon S100SP

As we know that Canon S100sp and S200sp do not have LED indicator to help us identify an error.  So, how do we identify an error when it occurs?.  Don’t worry, we can  find the information about the error at maintenance menu on printer driver properties.

When an error occurs, the printer will shows an error message.The following error  codes tell us what the problem is.

Error Code and Description

  • 5000 : Home position error
  • 5100 : Carriage control error
  • 5200 : Head temperature sensor error
  • 5400 : Printer temperature sensor error
  • 5600 : No cartridge error
  • 5C00 : Purging operation error
  • 5200 : Scanner cartridge error

Associated Models:
Canon S100sp,S200sp

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Error Code List Of Canon BJC1000SP Printer

As we know that canon ink jet printer such as BJC1000sp,2000sp,2100sp,s100sp,200sp does not have LED indicator. In order to identify an error in these printers we must view it in printer maintenance properties.
In normal condition, the printer should display message ‘Printer is online’. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Canon BJC6500,S4500 Errror Code List

This is error code list for Canon BJC6500 and S4500 single function inkjet printer. The error code help us to identify an error occurs on a printer and find the best solution for the printer.

BJC6500 / S4500 Error Code List

Error code: 6800
Description: EEPROM ERROR
Symptom: blink in orange 3 times,beep 10 times

Error code: 5100
Description: Home position error
Symptom: blinks in orange 4 times,beep 10 times

[Read the rest of this entry…]

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