This article discuss  about how to enter service mode Canon Pixma iP2770.  As you know that before performing some service actions on Canon iP2770, you need to enter iP2770 service mode first.

Below is the procedure how to enter service mode Canon Pixma iP2770 as preparation before conducting service operation on Canon Pixma iP2770 inkjet printer.


  • Plug in power cable
  • With the printer power turned off,while pressing RESUME/CANCEL button,press and hold the POWER ON button. (Do not release the buttons)
  • When the Power LED lights in green,while holding the POWER ON button,release RESUME/CANCEL button. (Do not release the POWER ON button)
  • Press RESUME/CANCEL buttons 5 times. (Each time the RESUME/CANCEL button is pressed,the ALARM and POWER LED lights alternately. Alarm in orange and power in green).
  • When the POWER LED lights in green the printer is in service mode and ready for service operations.
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