Canon Error 5200Error Description: Print Head Temperature Rise
Blinking Code: 8 times in Orange/Green (alternately)

Everybody must be annoyed when their canon printer shows error 5200.  Error 5200  is common error we often find on Canon inkjet printer.  Error 5200 indicates that Print Head Temperature Rise occurs.

Error 5200 happens when print head or cartridge’s temperature reach its safe limit.  Low ink condition (ink empty) and usage of refill or third party ink are the main cause.

In some cases this error 5200 can cause the print head’s burnt out and finally harms other printer parts such as carriage unit and printer board.

Error 5200 has error blinking indicator alternately blink in orange and green 8 times.

Remedial Action

These are some solutions how to fix this error 5200:

  • Especially for Canon iP2770, please perform iP2770 firmware update
  • In case of low ink (ink empty): replace ink with new one.
  • In case of print head is burnt out; indicated with some bad smell (something is burnt out) you should replace the following parts: print head, carriage unit, and printer board at the same time.

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