Error Code: 6000

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MX308,MX318,MX700,MX850,MX7600

Have you ever experienced that your Canon Pixma MX308 displays ‘Service Call Error 6000′ on LCD?. At the same time the printer cannot feed the paper at all. So,what happen with the printer?. Now, we’ll discuss about this problem.

Service Call Error 6000 is error code generated by the printer when the Line Feed error occurs. The error rises since Line Feed (LF) encoder signal has problem causes the printer fail in line feeding process.

The problem may happen under the following conditions:

  • Logic board fail in reading the LF encoder signal
  • LF sensor is faulty
  • Drive assy broken

Here are the remedial actions:

  • Replace logic board
  • Replace LF sensor
  • Replace drive assy

Oh yes, I have unique experience with this problem. One day I found the problem and did all above actions but no result. What’s wrong???. After observing the printer behaviour, I found that paper feed motor belt was set too tight gave heavy load to the motor. The problem resolved after the belt of paper feed motor was loosen. Bingo..!

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