Mar 162010

Among those who are careful when using the printer, Canon brand may always be remembered. Canon printers are excellent refine economic value, including operationally.
One of the latest Canon product which is claimed as economical multifunction inkjet printer, all-in-one printer Canon PIXMA MP258. This series of compact, but still serve the function of printing, scanning, copying in one machine.

Support nozzle 1472 Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) makes Canon MP258 can produce lab-quality prints with a resolution of 4800 × 1200 at a speed of 7 IPM (image per minute) for monochrome and color to 4.8 HDI. Need to print photos 4 × 6 “without borders the edge?.  Canon MP258 can present in only 39 seconds.

How about the ability to scan? Equipped with flatbed CIS technology by 1200 × 600 resolution, color A4 paper (reflective) thoroughly scanned in about 15 seconds. As for copies, could be 6.3 cpm (copy per minute) in monochrome or 2.7 cpm (color).

Color ink dye combinations (CL-811) and black ink pigment (PG-810) provides prints or good document. If you want the photos do not fade until 300 years, users are welcome to use the ink ChromaLife 100+ genuine Canon photo paper and then storing the result in a photo album printing.

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  15 Responses to “Canon Pixma MP258 Product Review”

  1. can i know how to reset ink level in canon mp258?

    • Hi elaine,
      You cannot reset ink level of the cartridge since it has built in memory chip which counts ink level. But you can deactivate ink level in case of using refilled cartridge :)

  2. i have refilled the black cartrigde still showing black ink run-out.plz help

    • Some cartridges have built in memory chip that store ink level on it. This memory is irreversible. Once the level is ‘empty’ we cannot restore the level to ‘full’ although we refill the cartridge fully.

  3. how can i deactivate ink level? thanks

  4. Hi,

    i would like to print in color since the black ink runs out. However, it still keeps printing in black even i already uncheck the grayscale option. Kindly help. Thanks

    • Hi Diandra,indicator shown by status monitor is not 100% accurate. Sometimes ink still remain inside ink tank although the status monitor says it has run out. You can continue print by using color ink in grayscale mode. :)

  5. my black ink has runs out. so i refill then after printing out,sometimes the words (in black ink) was printed out but sometimes not. then i remember to deep clean. i realized the alignment for black ink on my tables sheet was not proper (like long-dotted lines). Pls help. what should i do?

    • Hi Faye,this is the consequence of using refill ink. Sometimes,the refill ink has bad viscosity. I means the viscosity doesn’t meet the proper value for the cartridge (the printer vendor keep this parameter as top secret issue) so that the ink droplet is not produced properly inside the ink cartridge. So that’s why I always recommend the genuine ink. Of course it takes so much cost to get genuine ink. You can trial using some brands of refill ink and define which one has quality almost the same which genuine ink. If you are lucky you will find good refill ink quality like this (even I’m not sure it presents) :)

  6. i was not a user of this printer but i wish to buy this printer soon. but i don’t really sure if this printer can use for documents( common printing as plain A4 size paper) printing, as i wish to use this in my office.

    • Yes of course this the best choice for common printing. With print,copy, and scan function you don’t need to expense additional cost for purchasing scanner and copier.

  7. I have a canon inkjet printer someone left me (new) without a driver and downloaded one but now the scanner hangs. It scans half the document and stops.
    what to do?

  8. i have a problem with my pixma printer sometimes the power supply will function sometimes it will not…(sometimes it will turn on sometimes it will not.) plssssss help how can i fix it.?

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