Did you experience that your Canon MP258 or MP287 could not perform scanning operation?. I am sure some of Canon MP258 all in one printer series have met this problem before. If you find this problem, please check if error code P22 appears on the printer display. This error code indicates something wrong with scanning operation process.

Error code P22 indicates that scanner unit is faulty or scanner unit is not connected properly with printer unit. There two possibilities of this problem: scanner unit is faulty so that logic board cannot detect it or logic board is faulty so that it fails to detect the scanner unit.

To fix the problem with error code P22 on this Canon MP258 or MP287 you should check some parts. First, check if scanner flat cable which is connected with logic board, Make sure the flat cable is connected properly and not broken. Second, compare the logic board with a good one. Sometimes, broken logic board will cause the same problem. At last, you can replace scanner unit and logic board at the same time if short circuitry problem happens.


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