Jun 192011

Waste Ink Absorber Full Error

Have you ever seen code E27 shows in your printer display?. What’s problem with your printer?. Alright I will tell you about this.
E27 is error code that indicates waste ink absorber full error occurs related to the printer model mentioned above. As the information, error code is another way the printer shows us what’s the problem is beside blinking error code.

Covered Models List:
Canon Pixma MP145,150,160

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  4 Responses to “Canon MP145 Printer Error Code E27”

  1. how to solve this problem in error e27?

  2. Well guys. I have added related post link ‘Reset Waste Ink Counter’. To solve this problem, just follow this link and read carefully the procedure given. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. i have followed all the procedures for waste pad reset for MP198 but i does not work, please help!

  4. ??145

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